I love Estim

This blog is primarily dedicated to erotic electrical stimulation, E-stim for short. It sounds crazy to apply (not household) electricity to your naughty parts, but it feels great and I can achieve the elusive hands-free orgasm (HFO). This blog will have pictures of E-stim and also handjobs, FemDom, CFNM as well as CBT. 18+ only and NSFW.



A little different kind of a date today- we tried something completely new.

Sorry not too many pictures- I’m normally the photographer but I was a little wrapped up.

Under the vet wrap I was wearing foam earplugs which may have been the most interesting part of the experience- that along with the total wrapping really made me feel detached from everything- sort of a sensory deprivation kind of thing. It was really kind of nice.

Also under the wrap was a vibrator in my ass with a remote cord she’d turn on and off and different pulse patterns as it amused her.

It lasted about 30 minutes- her teasing me just enough to get me hard then swatting it down with the crop or clamps or some kind of applied discomfort.  I wish it had gone longer but she wasn’t sure how I was doing and thought that was enough for a first time.

After that it was a quick monitored shower and right back in chastity. There was a chemical smell in the bedroom from the vet wrap so she said she’d wait until tonight to ‘get hers’.

pet - we need more vet wrap.